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In foods, Vitamin C doesn't work alone. That's why there's more than just isolated vitamin in our C Complex.

In each capsule, you get 500 mg of Vitamin C combined with bioflavonoids from lemon, hesperidin and rutin.

  • Easy-to-swallow capsule
  • Contains added bioflavonoids for increased support and absorption
  • This water-soluble vitamin is unable to be stored by the body and needs to be replenished on a daily basis
  • May support capillary walls, blood vessels and help maintain healthy teeth, gums and bones
  • CONTAINS NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives; no wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, crustacean shellfish or fish
Vitamin C is considered a "staple" in any supplement routine. It's powerful antioxidant properties, ability to promote healthy skin and support of the immune system contribute to overall health. In addition, the body's inability to store vitamin C makes it necessary to replenish it on a daily basis. The addition of bioflavonoids to our C Complex enhances the absorption of it's vitamin C.


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