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Knowing you are getting the highest quality ingredients possible when you use our products is important to us. That's why the raw materials in our science-based formulas are double-tested, first as incoming ingredients and then as finished products. All our products are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices and are GUARANTEED for freshness, potency and purity through their clearly marked BEST BY dates.




Supplies REAL Vitamins & Minerals and So Much More!

If you believe it's better to get your nutrition from healthy foods than from dietary supplements, you're going to be impressed by this product. With the goal of formulating a Multi Vitamin NATURALLY superior to all others, we searched the Earth over to find the very best real food sources for its vitamins and minerals. We then added some organic greens for extra phytonutrients. We also added enzymes to maximize your digestion of these foods and the foods you eat. On top of that, we included extremely hardy soil-based probiotics, like you would find on wild produce, to increase your intake of flora beneficial to your digestive tract. These microbes can even produce more vitamins that your body can use. And lastly, we mixed in some ancient plant matter as a source of trace elements needed in tiny amounts, but often lacking in our modern diets. So, it's more than a multi vitamin. It's a wholistic system meant to both supplement your body with real nutrients and help it extract more from what you eat too!

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