PRODUCE Weight Loss Eating What You Want?

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Would you really like to lose weight (or just get healthier), but also keep eating YOUR FOOD? Easy. If you take say Foodamins, Greensemble or one of our organic protein powders, it's because you prefer to trust REAL foods to make REAL nutrients. So, why not trust REAL foods to make a REAL difference in your weight?

Do something very few of us do. EAT 7 FRESH AND RAW FRUITS AND VEGGIES, EVERY DAY. Besides that, eat WHATEVER you want. That's basically the whole diet plan. This plan could work better for you than other plans, because it's not complicated or restrictive.

But, you may ask, how could adding a bunch of fruit and vegetables to your food result in dropping unwanted pounds? Think about it... if you eat an apple (=1 fruit), a banana (=1 fruit), a cup of grapes (=1 fruit), a BIG salad (=3 vegetables), a kiwi (=1/2 a fruit, because they're small) and a clementine (=1/2 a fruit, they're small too), all in the same day, you will have less room or desire than usual for higher calorie, lower nutrition foods. But make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables at the BEGINNING of meals and as snack replacements. That way healthy foods are replacing some of your less healthy foods, not adding extra food and calories to your diet.

You should try to make the WHATEVER YOU WANT part of your diet healthful too, but don't put a lot pressure on yourself, especially at the start. With time, your whole diet should automatically become healthier for a couple reasons. You will acquire more of a taste for healthy foods. And you will get extra motivated when you start feeling and looking better.

Don't over do it. Don't eat much more than 7 fresh fruits and vegetables a day. Other types of foods are important too. And don't forget to drink plenty of water. A big glass before meals and before less healthy beverages is a wise move.

For extra support, do this with a friend, reporting to each other often on how you're doing. Texting works great. For example, a "Just ate an apple and banana. 2 points so far today" text from a friend can motivate you to try and keep up. Make it a healthy competition.

Lastly, back-up vitamins, protein and greenfoods may also help with weight loss, because a properly nourished body asks for less food.

Take Foodamins, one of our organic protein powders and Greensemble and KNOW those extra vitamins, proteins and phytonutrients are from real foods too!

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