Minerals + Trace Elements: Small, but Mighty for Optimal Health

Posted by Vitopia Staff on

Minerals and trace elements are essential to human life.  They’re the building blocks of the body, needed to form bones, tissues and cells. Minerals are also responsible for performing bodily functions. We can’t live without them. Vitopia’s Tracesemble is the ideal multi-mineral/ trace element supplement.

Tracesemble is a complex of 70 essential minerals, trace elements, electrolytes + amino acids to

  • Strengthen Energy + Stamina
  • Promote Healing
  • Increase nutrient value of food

Tracesemble is derived from the earth, specifically from humic shale. This is basically nutrient rich soil packed with fulvic acid molecules. It’s the fulvic acid that bonds to the minerals and trace elements delivering them to the plants to make them thrive. It does the same thing for humans, supercharging vitamins and minerals directly to our cells, helping you to get the most out of your diet. It’s also all natural, plant-based and liquid, making it bioavailable (easy for the body to absorb).

Tracesemble is the highest quality fulvic acid available in today’s market. It is sourced from a 34 million year old mine in the United States that has been nearly untouched by humans and pollution, resulting in pristine quality. It is harvested through water extraction rather than heat to maintain optimal potency.  Third party lab analysis verifies the mineral content as the highest rating.

Buy Tracesemble and feel the difference from just a few drops a day.